What Happened to Amazon SiteStripe Images?

On September 7, 2023, Amazon knifed most of their easy-access programmatic advertisements: native shopping ads, banners, mobile popovers, etc. A few weeks later, Amazon emailed their affiliate partners, stating that SiteStrip text-image links would no longer be accessible after December 1, 2023, and would no longer work after December 31,

I Found Some Funny Affiliate Disclaimer Examples

The FTC requires that bloggers (as marketers) make a prominent statement that disclaims their relationship to companies that pay them to sell or promote their products. Blah blah blah. You can gift-wrap your affiliate disclaimer in several ways: Fine Print: Shrink that disclaimer to 9-pt font, make it light gray,

Are You an Affiliate Marketing Tinkerbell?

Affiliate marketing sounds so easy, doesn’t it? Do you remember when you first learned about affiliate marketing? “Whoa …. I can get paid a commission just if someone clicks through my link? That’s so .. EASY! How hard can it be to get a click? Cute cats get a bazillion

Why Your Amazon Affiliate Niche Site Has a Sad, Lonely Future

Today in the crosshairs: Amazon niche sites. More specifically, the bajillions of “blogs” that are monetized primarily or solely as Amazon affiliates. Like some sort of super-fungus, Amazon spores have dispersed through the cyberworld. The Amazon affiliate program is the largest affiliate program in the world. In fact, becoming an