Have I Been Swindled By the Googlites?

This post is not an advice column. I think it’s a therapy session. I’ll be on the couch; you can be on the chair. Meet Site X. It’s an info blog in the outdoor travel niche. I purchased Site X and overhauled the UX about three years ago (you can

In Defense of the About Page

It’s long been accepted as a self-evident truth that your Home page is the most important page on your website. It’s your first impression, handshake, elevator pitch, morning makeup routine and “Hello world!” all rolled into one.  But I think as the world becomes overly polished, a Home page risks

Fighting Eric Jones: How reCAPTCHA and Maspik Saved My Sanity

I despise Eric Jones. Like medieval-level despisal. Like tar-and-feathering, branding-with-a-hot-iron, pouring-boiling-oil-off-the-castle-ramparts kind of despisal. Eric Jones – a pseudonym for a well-known SEO spambot – has sent me over 2,000 emails. Most of them come from a Gmail account, like eric.jones.z.mail@gmail.com or something like that. They promise lead magnets, SEO

Don’t Forget to Disable Ads on These Pages!

Programmatic advertising is becoming the new status quo. But with auto ads comes the danger that the computer will place ads where you don’t want them! Because no one likes a webpage where Adsense just vomited all over the HTML. If you allow ads to overrun your blog, your Reader

I Turned Down a $300 Sponsored Post. Sorry Not Sorry.

A monkey put his hand into a jar of cookies.  He grasped as many as he could possibly hold, but when he tried to pull out his hand, he was prevented from doing so by the neck of the cookie jar.  Unwilling to lose the cookies, and yet unable to

Is Blogging Passive Income? I Say No.

Is a blog a purely passive investment? I say no. Before you burn me in effigy, let me be clear – I think a blog is a wonderful source of income. Unlike wages, it doesn’t trade time for dollars. If you do it right, a blog can multiply your return

Siri Is Coming for Your Longtail Keywords!

Blogging has a list of deceased tactics longer than the French Revolution. Micro niche sites, autoblogging, affiliate sites, and keyword stuffing – they’re all blue and cold.  Ours is a gelatinous industry. It’s constantly shape-shifting and oozing into new territory. It’s a short hike from the future to the past.

Google Betrayed Me. I Lost 40% of My Traffic.

Google has betrayed me. I have a site in the Outdoor Travel niche (called “the Site”) which recently got the stuffing taken out of it.  You can see the carnage yourself. This is a 14-day snapshot of the Site’s Google Search impressions and organic clicks. September 20th was my Black