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  • Date Range: June 2022

In the equatorial region of the Atlantic Ocean, there are large stagnant swatches of the ocean called “the doldrums.” It’s a band where the trade winds collide and cancel each other out. In ye olden times, sailing vessels could get stuck for weeks, even months, in the doldrums, praying for a breeze to startle the placid waters.

June is the doldrums of the blogging world. There just … isn’t much going on. It’s a good time to take a vacation. Or better yet, start writing content that will peak around the upcoming holiday season!

I hate to say it, but June may have been my most boring month yet. None of my sites jumped or dived. They flatlined. The money trickled in. A lot of money trickled out (mostly paying for content). I feel like a farmer stuck between planting and harvest season.


New to My Income Reports?

If this is your first time visiting one of my Income Reports, welcome! (Here’s a strong, firm handshake). Let me explain how they work.

I report how much income I made or lost every month. These reports help me analyze and track my progress, and they (hopefully) help you benchmark your own performance. I don’t have to worry about boasting about my income because as of now, my income is non-boastable!

I don’t disclose actual URLs. Like a good journalist, I keep my sources safe.

New to FLUB?

If you’re visiting FLUB for the first time, sit down and stay a while! This is my blog about blogging, or more specifically, about my journey to create a six-figure income stream through info blogging. I’ve been doing this since April 2021, so I’m still a greenhorn!

With the exception of FLUB, none of my websites are in the how-to-make-money-online niche. I’m reporting straight from the front lines.

Income Report Table for June 2022

NicheSize (Posts)TypeAdsAffiliateDigital ProductsPhysical Products
Website 1Transportation100-200 postsInfo blog$488$156 (?)N/A
Website 2Transportation200-300 postsInfo blog$194(?)$95N/A
Website 3Travel30-100 postsInfo blog$1N/A
Website 4Outdoor Recreation30-100Info blog/online magazine
FLUBOnline Business0-30 postsInfo blogN/A
HostingContentLabor (Other)Software SubscriptionsAdvertisingOther
GRAND TOTAL$934$1155($-221)


  • N/A = Non-Applicable, Not Offering
  • ( – ) = Not Monetized (Yet)
  • $0 = Attempted Monetized, Haven’t Make a Dime
  • ? = Bad reporting, not sure of exact numbers.


Where I Came From

Fun fact: June is typically an AWFUL month for advertising revenue.

  • It’s the start of a quarter, and brands tend to spend the least of their advertising budget at the start of a quarter.
  • It’s a month without a big consumer holiday or federal holiday weekend, which means there’s less reason to buy stuff and services.
  • And lots of advertising agencies consider June the end of their fiscal year. CPM drops like a rock. 

And as you can tell, June wasn’t a great month for advertising revenue. My pageviews stayed consistent, but my EPMV dropped. Ah well!

I told you last month that I was trying out Jasper AI. Well, I canceled my subscription after one month and I wrote a full review of Jasper AI here.

Jasper AI wasn’t what I expected. It has a certain … oilness to it. It reads like a sleep-deprived highschooler who wrote his essay in the last 12 hours and is hoping you won’t realize it’s a casual rephrase of Wikipedia (with added commentary). 

Where I’m Going

I spent over $1,000 this month on content, exclusively on Upwork contractors. 

I have such a love-hate relationship with content contractors. I feel like a ‘49er California gold miner panning for gold flakes in a mountain stream. Most of what I scrounge up is dirt – but hopefully, there’s enough gold to make the sluicing worthwhile. It’s part of why I wrote the article, “No sh*t Sherlock – the curse of bad blog writing.”

The trick is to always have people write from experience! Even a bad writer can craft an interesting story about their own life. And if you’re lucky enough to find a good writer with an interesting life – well, there’s your gold. 

Despite all the headaches, I’d rather pay real humans for their stories than regurgitate the internet with an AI writer or content scraper. Yuck. 

Summer will be a slow season for me. I’m an outdoor-a-holic, and with summer in full swing, I’ll be spending a lot of time climbing, kayaking, or cycling. 

How I Make Money Online

My Content Strategy

  • I specialize in info blogging. I build authority niche websites with a focus on evergreen content written by people with hands-on experience.
  • At present, I don’t drive traffic to my websites other than organic SEO and a very, very limited presence on social media platforms, namely Pinterest. I’ve done virtually no active backlink building or guest posting. Therefore, I don’t expect significant traffic to a website for 6-18 months after launch. 
  • I’m working on too many websites. I drip content (1x post per week) onto every website, but I’ll publish at least 2 posts per week on sites I’m actively growing.

My Monetization Strategy

In general, I aim to average 500 views per post per month with an average EPMV of $40 from all revenue sources. This month, EPMV dropped because of advertising revenue. 

Affiliate Marketing

I earn a few hundred dollars a month from Amazon (which I also have a love-hate relationship with), and spare change here and there from other affiliate partners. But I feel like I’ve barely tapped the potential of affiliate marketing.

I am becoming firmly convinced that it’s only worth hawking products that sell for at least $100. Commission rates on a $20 pillow or $30 headphones just aren’t worth the hassle of maintaining affiliate relationships (not to mention tracking all the links!)

If you can market a product that sells for over $500, even better! That’s where I’ve had the best luck. I prefer selling quasi-necessity goods rather than purely uxury goods.  


I use Ezoic for all my sites monetized with Ads. I’m a Premium Publisher. Currently, advertising makes up the lion’s share of my income. Because my content is usually long-form response posts to search queries, there’s ample inventory, and Readers are open to buying products or services to fix their headaches. I love that advertising is so easy, but I dislike that it’s purely a scale-numbers game.

Digital products

I’ve just dipped my toe into this field. I sell a few digital downloads via Etsy, and while each one may only make $10-$30 a month, if I can build up a portfolio of at least 50 digital products, that’s not a bad income! And it’s wholly passive.

I did release two new digital products this month, but I’m only expecting $10 a month or so from each. I honestly released them to round out a portfolio, not so much to gain income.

Strategies I Haven’t Used (Yet) 

  • Email marketing. I have a confession to make. While I’ve been passively growing my email list through newsletter subscribers … I don’t even have a newsletter :/ I just stockpile email addresses in subscriber lists. 
  • Social media marketing. I’m not on Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, Whushmygush, or whatever other social media platform is currently blowing up. I’m a member of several blogging/content creator groups, and everything I see about becoming a social media pop star makes it look exhausting. 
  • Pay-per-click. I’m a firm believer that paid traffic should never be sent to your general site or blog post, but to a targeted landing page with a high-value call-to-action. I don’t have a high-value CTA right now, so no need for paid traffic.
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