Why My Blog Is an LLC

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So I started a blog.

But first, I made a business.

Well, actually, I already had a business. I own an LLC. I just absorbed my blogging hustles into the framework. I blog as a business!

But for some reason, I’ve never heard anyone recommend that a blogger become an LLC. And to me, that’s crazy and absolutely backward.

Any time someone starts talking to me about income, revenue and expenses, I go find the nearest Secretary of State and register a company.

Here are the reasons why.

Bad Blogger Confessions

I may as well admit it: There’s a lot wrong with this blog post. It’s not nearly long enough to rank in the Google SERPS top 10, I didn’t do a lick of keyword research, and as of now, there ain’t a single image.

Basically, this is a blogger’s worst nightmare. One day, I’ll come back and improve it. For now, I’ll trust that you can make it through 450 words without the interjected stock photo. 

And no, there aren’t any affiliate links. Click on anything you want. I won’t make any money :'(

1) Less Legal Liability

It cost me about $125 to incorporate an LLC in my home state. Your mileage may vary.

IMHO, it’s a small price to pay for convenience and peace of mind.

If you’re not a business entity, then you’re personally liable for all “business” assets. If your website gets sued, it’s not YourNicheWebsite LLC that’s getting sued – it’s you. You’re on the hook.

I’m not a lawyer, so I won’t pretend to know all the in’s and out’s. But if someone offers me permanent legal protection for less than what I pay every month in auto insurance, you bet I’m taking it.

2) Cleaning Up the Back End

Owning an LLC makes the whole business back end so. much. easier.

I mean things like email addresses, domain name registrations, GSuite or Office365 subscriptions, bookkeeping and accounting, annual taxes, etc.

An LLC is the mother hen to all these chicks. She can bring them under one wing. I don’t mix and match (or “commingle,” as the accountants say) my business processes with my personal life!

In other words, I have a GSuite account for my LLC and a Gmail account for personal use.

Look, I’ve tried both. And there’s just no comparison. If you want to keep yourself sane, you need an LLC to run a successful blogging business!

3) EIN Independence

For one thing, I can get an EIN from the IRS. It’s not required for sole proprietors, but I wouldn’t leave home without it.

If I need to hire help or outsource to contractors, such as remote blog copywriters, having an EIN is critical for issuing 1099 forms.

If you sign up with an affiliate program, an EIN can expedite your approval. Some networks won’t even accept you if you don’t have an EIN!

I separate my business and personal finances. That means I have a company checking account. And how did I get that?

That’s right – an EIN.

4) Financial Flexibility

As an LLC, I can apply for business credit cards and lines of credit, which typically offer higher credit limits. And these accounts often don’t affect my personal credit score.

I also use a cloud-based booking system that connects to my business credit and checking accounts. I don’t have to manually enter hardly any transactions; the software does the grunt work for me. I just read the pretty P&Ls at the end of every month.

5) The Beginnings of Greatness

Look, I’m here to make money. To build a business. Hopefully, you are too.

Did you know if you visualize putting a golf ball into a hole, you’re more likely to actually do it?

Or if you smile when you feel like poop, you’ll actually start to feel better?

Well, same reason why my websites are sheltered under an LLC. This is a business. As it grows, I’ll need contractors, software subscriptions, marketing contracts, etc. I’m laying the groundwork now. This is my vote of confidence.

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