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As of January 21, 2022, FLUB has rather awful SEO.

You may have noticed this dichotomy while studying one of my other articles. “For a guy that writes about the blogosphere,” you think, “this guy doesn’t practice what he preaches!”

Touche, Reader. Touche.

But you’re right.

  • I think I’ve uploaded a grand total of two images to the website. And one was my logo.
  • Most of my content is 800 to 1,200 words, which doesn’t stand a chance of ranking for highly competitive search queries.
  • Speaking of search queries, I’m not answering many. For instance, I wrote an article titled, “Are You an Affiliate Marketing Tinkerbell?” Can you guess how how many people are Googling the phrase “affiliate marketing tinkerbell”? Nobody!
  • I’ve done zero keyword search analysis. Literally zero.
  • I post, eh, once a month? Once a week? When the gibbous moon is waxing? Depends on how I’m feeling (although I try to post at least once a month).
  • My interlinking sucks.
  • So does my external linking, for that matter.
  • Most of my posts are essay format, not listicles or how-to’s or response posts, which should be the bread n’ butter of a high-traffic blog. I don’t even use H3 headings!

And the list goes on.

So what gives?

Am I truly so lazy I can’t be bothered with basic on-page SEO for my how-to-(not)-blog blog?

Well, perhaps, but there’s another reason as well.

I have this crazy, romantic, slightly narcissistic notion that one day, my experience will be valuable.

It’s no secret that the “how to build an online business” world is arguably the most highly competitive, cutthroat, spammy, and profitable niche in content creation.

That’s a big reason I’m here (not the spammy part). When I’ve finally cracked five figures in semi-passive income a month, I want to share that experience with others. And hopefully make some money from it!

That’s not because I’m a greedy, opportunistic capitalist.

It’s all about hedging risk. Any single website can be laid low by an algorithm update or a hacker. And for a small 100-page website where, say, 20 pages are driving most of the traffic, the only thing that’s standing between your $4,000 monthly income and the unemployment office is 20 pages in Google’s good graces.

Uh uh. Not for me. That’s why I’m growing a portfolio of blogs spanning several niches and sub-niches, and also why I started FLUB. FLUB is insurance, people!

And I don’t have a problem admitting that because you’re getting a good deal out of it, too. You get to read all this awesome free content. You get to groan at my lame jokes. Maybe you’ll pay for my future e-course and get some great value out of that.

I win. You win. We all win. That’s how transactions work: The seller sells, the buyer buys, and everyone gets something they wanted a little more than whatever they had.

I’m trying to write the blog I would want to read. And the best value I’ve ever found is reading other peoples’ experiences: their lessons learned, their successes and failures, their Google Analytics screenshots, ad network reviews, etc.

But I’m honest about what FLUB could be vs. what it is now.

Do you know why there isn’t a 10,000-word ebook on this website about “How to Gleefully Squeeze the Life Out of Your Enemies in Affiliate Marketing?”

It’s because I’m still squeezing, folks!

I’m not going to try to grow a how-to-build-a-blog blog while I’m still building mine! That’s hypocritical, and you’ll easily see through it. I’d be exposed as a fraud, and I would lose your trust.

But when I have reached success … my content marketing strategy will have a head start.

And you, Reader, will be able to click back through the years and realize, “Hey, this guy wasn’t lying. He really has been doing this for years. And wow, he’s done some really dumb stuff! But he also learned from his mistakes and persevered. And now, he’s snappin’ selfies on the Florida Keys while I’m shivering away in Detroit. Hmmm …. I wonder what he’s got to say?”

It’s also about the numbers.

Until I’ve posted at least 30-40 articles on FLUB, it’s a website in name only. I’ve kept myself in the Google Sandbox.

At 1-2 articles a month, that’s about …eh, two years.

Which just so happens to be about the time I expect my first two (possibly three) websites to really hit their stride.

You see where I’m going?

As of now, FLUB is a glorified diary. (Just being honest).

In a year or two, I’ll revamp, spruce, inflate, lengthen and pretty-fy old articles. I’ll worship the SEO Gods, start a vlog, sell an ebook, etc.

But that stuff comes at the end, not the beginning. The knight doesn’t ride into the sunset with his damsel until he’s defeated the dragon, you know?

So, my damsel, let’s –

– alright, that analogy isn’t working anymore.

So, dear Reader, enjoy my diary 🙂

P.S. If you’re frustrated with my poor SEO, then you know what would help me out? That’s right – a backlink!

So go post a backlink to on your domain (make it relevant, please), and pat yourself on the back for helpin’ a guy out with his SEO struggles. You’re a good person.

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